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  • 4-27-2020 Announcement: For those interested in enrolling children in our preschool, information regarding 2020-21 enrollment will be released in the next few weeks.  This will be shared on this Springs Valley Community Schools website, through Remind, and on the Springs Valley Preschool Facebook page.
  • 4-23-2020 Announcement:  For French Lick area residents, Smithville has installed a temporary Wi-Fi hotspot at the Springs Valley Elementary School.  Service will be available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Patrons may park in the elementary parking lot.  To access the internet on most devices, go to Settings, search for Wi-Fi options, and select Smithville Wi-Fi. You’ll then be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions. Users accessing internet service from these locations should do so from their vehicles. Access to the buildings is not available. This free community option is designed for educational and professional needs and not for gaming.  
  • 4-15-2020 Announcement - Malfunctioning Student Chromebooks – If a student’s Chromebook is malfunctioning, please try the following options in order to resolve the issue:  1st) Try restarting the Chromebook; 2nd) Try contacting the Springs Valley Technology Department by emailing; 3rd) Call Jeff Kerby, Springs Valley’s Computer Coordinator at 812-936-9984, option 6, extension 250 Tuesday or Thursday from 11am to 1pm.  If the issue can’t be resolved, we will arrange a time to meet you in front of the high school entrance to exchange your malfunctioning Chromebook for a loaner.  Thank you.

  • Updated 4/9/2020:  Beginning next week, we will reduce meal distribution to one day per week.  Meals may be picked up each Tuesday from 8-9 AM at the kindergarten entrance of the elementary school.  Meal pickup at the airport, Bonds Chapel, and Red Quarry will also be on Tuesdays only.  Families will be able to pick up a week's supply of meals on those days.
  • A heartfelt thank you to parents, students, staff, and the community at large for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented school closing. I want to assure everyone that the safety of the Springs Valley family is the highest priority of teachers, staff, and admins. We will continue to monitor events, and we will share updates with you periodically. Updates will come through Remind and on the school website.  Contact the school at 812-936-4474 if you have questions. Thanks again! Trevor Apple, Superintendent

Athletic Department

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  • Amanda Parsons

    Amanda Parsons

    Athletic Secretary

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  • Jason Russell

    Jason Russell

    Athletic Director

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    • Administrative Office

      Springs Valley Community Schools
      498 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
      French Lick, IN 47432

      Dr. Trevor Apple, Superintendent
      Phone: 812-936-9984
      Fax: 812-936-9392

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Springs Valley Jr.-Sr. HS
      326 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
      French Lick, IN 47432

      Mr. Kyle Neukam, Principal
      Phone: 812-936-9984
      Fax: 812-936-9266
    • Elementary

      Springs Valley Elementary
      356 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
      French Lick, IN 47432

      Mrs. Amy Orr, Principal
      Phone: 812-936-9984
      Fax: 812-936-9788

      Our Mission

      • INSPIRE creative learning
      • PREPARE accountable & responsible citizens
      • ACHIEVE more by reaching higher
      • SUCCEED in building a stronger community

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